Monday 24 August 2009


I'm very sad to today have to be the bearer of some unhappy news.

Steph, who has been my partner in crime here on A Passion for Papertrey for the past six months, has decided to step down from the blog for personal reasons. I know everyone who has supported our blog will miss her sense of humour, generosity and wonderful creations as much as I will.

On a personal note I want to thank her for everything she has done for our blog – we met on a stamping forum, realised we both adored Papertrey, and our friendship bloomed from there. When I had the idea of starting a UK and Europe PTI blog I wanted Steph to be the person I worked with –she’s become a great friend and I’m so grateful for all her hard work and dedication. She’ll still be around in blogland, concentrating on her own blog, so don’t forget to go and visit her often!

As is so often the case, when one door closes another opens, and after the sad news of Steph's departure I have some good news! Steph certainly can’t be replaced but this is a two person blog so I’m delighted to announce a new face (but not new to most of you I’m sure!) to A Passion for Papertrey!

Amy Wanford...aka Aimes!

Over the past few months Steph and I have become good friends with Aimes, and actually had plans to invite her to design for the blog. I’m thrilled that she’ll now be doing more than that and will be my partner on here!

Aimes was one of the first stampers I ‘met’ online almost a year ago when we swapped stamped images – and I’m so pleased to now be able to call her a real friend (and, of course, a fellow Papertrey addict!). Her creativity and originality never ceases to amaze me and she certainly has had an audacious start to life here on the blog having just won Papertrey’s Guest Star Stamper award! If you haven’t seen her amazing entry check out her blog here and Nichole Heady’s post here.

I know all our blog readers will join me in thanking Steph for all she's done and wishing her well and also welcoming Aimes to our little corner of blogland!

While we're talking about changes I wanted to ask all our readers if there's anything else you'd like to see on this blog - it would be great to hear any ideas you have. Thanks once again for all your ongoing support - we're very blessed to have met so many wonderful fellow PTI fans!

A new challenge will be up later today!

Kate x


Unknown said...

Steph - I will be really sorry to see you step down from this and echo Kate's thanks for everything that you have shared with us here. Your cards and other projects are amazing and I hope you wont be a stranger!

Aimes - Welcome - how exciting to have you here. I look forward to seeing your creations. I know they will be inspiring

Kate - I am soooo pleased you are able to contnue. This is one of my favourite blogs even if it makes me want PTI stuff even more! I am so gratelful that you and Steph started it in the first place. Thank you for everything you do for us here.

Love to you all - wonderful, inspiring, generous ladies.


Unknown said...

Aww that's such a shame, be so sad to see Steph go, she's such an inspirational crafer & will be missed.

But thrilled to have Aimes on board & I'm sure PTI will continue to inspire us all (and make me want to spend all my money on PTI!)

All the best

Jan xx

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Steph its so sad you can't carry on but I must say I didn't know how you managed to get so much done and still remain sane!! But of course I'll still be following you on your blog so its not goodbye but 'see you there'.

Kate and Aimes I'm so pleased you've got together to continue the blog - I would really miss having a PTI spot this side of the Atlantic! Thanks for all your hard work to keep us inspired.

Ann xx

Sorry about deleting that last comment - I couldn't bear to look at that spelling mistake!!!

Tina Spohn said...

Steph, it sure is hard work and I know, you´ll be around and won´t leave us. So it´s absolutely ok, because it´s a hobby and everybody should feel good and not stressed. Thanks for all the things you have done for us and this blog. You are fabulous and this surely wasn´t an easy step to do. Oh my, I hope, my broken English can express, what I mean. Love you, hun!

Amy, it´s so good to see you joining in with Kate. One person alone can´t do such a blog and you are so very creative, you are the perfect one to stand by Kates side. Give you a big welcome-hug. :)

Kate, it´s so good to see, that you want to keep this blog alive. It´s one of my absolute favorites in blog-szene.

You three, I want to thank you for just being perfect as you are and of course, give you a big hug. Love hugging. *lol*


Taheerah said...

So sad to see you go Steph and I wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work, humour, creativity and just general generosity and patience in bringing us this blog with Kate. I really will miss seeing your posts on here but am glad you will at least be 'around' still on your own blog.

Aimes - couldn't be more thrilled for you!! You're a perfect match for this 'job' and I can't wait to see what you bring to the blog. Can't think of anyone better suited!!

Kate - I'm so glad you found a way to keep the blog going, it's certainly become a real point of convergence for all PTI-addicts, whether this side of the Atlantic or the other! Thank you!!

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Sorry to see you go steph, but i'll be browsing your new blog often. Best wishes Steph and good luck to Amy xx

Stephanie said...

Nooooooooo I've changed my mind!! LOL (I can have the kids adopted to free up more time - just let me back on board!)

Thanks for such a wonderful 'send off' Kate & thanks to everyone for such kind words (can someone pass me a tissue? *sob*)

Kate & Aimes are undoubtedly 2 of the MOST talented & creative ladies in the whole of Blogland & I'm so thrilled to be able to call them my friends *LOVE YOU!!*

Steph XOXO

Emma said...

Steph, my darling sweet angel - I totally undersdtand why you have to step down but I ache already knowing that you have gone. I have been so fortunate to have been part of your life, even in such a small way and I will miss you greatly.

I know and thank all the stars above that you have not gone forever and your creativity will still be able to inspire me at your own blog - big kisses xx


My fiery funpacked little ball of talent - what a week this has been - I just knew you were destined for big things - I could't be happier for all your success and send you big hugs with open arms to welcome you to your new home :D


I am so happy that you decided to keep going - I think without you, Steph and now Aimes I think PTI would seem like another world away and out of reach for use mere mortals - so thank you from the bottom of my heart :D

Emma x

Steph said...

Steph, you've been a star and I can imagine all the hard work you've been putting in running two blogs (not to mention the enormous PT order you've organised!). You'll be greatly missed but I hope to continue seeing your gorgeous creations on your blog. All the very best hun. x

Welcome Aimes! I look forward to seeing your creations and getting to know you and your passion for papertrey. x

Vicki said...

OMG Noooo! Oh Steph I will miss you sooo much, I know I can still visit you on your blog, but I just love chatting and I love your fabulous creations! It is a lot of hard work though and tough to fit in especially around tweeny one's, thank you so much for all your fabulous inspiration and just think now you will be able to enter the challenge's!
It will also be nice to see Aimes on here with Kate as they are both amazing crafters too, I just love both your blogs, well done and good luck to you both.

Vicki x

Joy said...

So sorry to see you go Steph but I'll still be stalking you over on your blog - no worries!

Hi Aimes just been looking on your blog and very much like what I see.

Thankyou Kate for continuing keeping PTI on this side of the pond xx

Saxo Stamper said...

Oh so sad Steph - I will miss you very much, your work is amazing, amazing and more amazing and you have given me such inspiration and great ideas. I know how much work a really good blog takes and you and Kate have done a sterling job. I hope to catch you on your own blog.

Take care x

Welcome to Aimes too.


memory-scrap said...

Every cloud has a silver lining, and I know I will still be keeping in touch with the lovely Steph and seeing all of her wonderful creations on her own blog. Congratulations Aimes on your new post, you're a great crafting buddy and will do well here I'm sure. Good luck, Love Jane xx

Caryn said...

Boo hoo, sob, weep, blub, greet (Scottish).... I can't think of any other tear-related words to express my sadness that you're leaving Steph but I will be following you avidly on your other blog. Was it the shared order that saw you off? lol Will miss you heaps on here.

When god invented offspring he should've added an extra 4 hours to the day - just for crafting of course!!

Kate and Aimes - so glad the blog lives on (especially as I have some gorgeous PTI goodies winging their way to me courtesy of our Steph), and will be able to enter the challenges even more.

Big hugs and warmest wishes to all three of you lovely ladies.

Caryn xxx

TesaB said...

Oh Steph! I'm so sorry to hear this. You will be deeply missed on this blog. Thank God you have your own! I love your style, your clean elegant designs and amazing creativity. Good luck with everything!

And wow, Aimes! How exciting! I'm so looking forward seeing your beautiful creations!!!

I love, love, love this blog, all the fun stuff, the nice people and gorgeous designs. I'm happy you will continue even though it must be terrible time consuming! Thank you!