Monday 3 August 2009

Shared Order Anyone?

Okay, I may well live to regret this (LOL), but here goes....

I know there are many of you in the UK who absolutely love Papertrey Ink goodies but simply cannot justify the shipping costs (& who can blame you!)

Would anyone be interested if I were to organise an order from Papertrey Ink so that shipping costs could be split by all included?

I must stress at this point that I am in no way affiliated with Papertrey Ink (I am NOT on commission & I do NOT receive a discount - I am just a huge fan lol)

There will be conditions, for instance I will require payment up front (I'm sure you can understand why), there is the additional cost of postage from myself to your address & in the event of customs charges (very likely on large orders) you will be required to pay the 15% of your individual total. However, in most cases, it will still work out notably cheaper :)

I'm sure you can appreciate how much work this would involve so I'm afraid it will be a one off.

Pop your name & email down if you would like to join in & I'll compile a list of interested parties on this post.

Stephanie x

1. Stephanie (me!)
2. Kate (of course lol)
3. KatieJane
4. Steph
5. Clare
6. Emma-Lynne
7. Joy
8. Valerie
9. Margaret
10. Linby
11. Jo
12. Vicki
13. Ann
14. Christine
15. Jeannette
16. Joyce
17. Emma
18. Nicole
19. Aimes
20. Cath
21. Michelle
22. Dawn
23. Janette
24. Karen
26. Kim
27. Helen
28. Caryn
29. Zoe
30. Sue
31. Ally
32. Michelle

Participants will be emailed with further details, order to be placed on August 15th @ 08:00 (Release Date)


Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Hi Steph, I would love to have the circle sentiment stamps but i live in the Netherlands. Is it possible for me to take part? I understand it's a lot to ask so it's ok if you say no. Take care, Katie

Victoria said...

Hi Steph

I just want to say how sweet of you it is to offer to do this.

I wish, wish, wish I had some spare pennies at the moment to take you up on your offer, maybe another time!

Good luck!


Steph said...

What a darling you are - bless you! Count me in:

PinksyDoodles said...

Yes please Steph, put my name down. Thank you, thank you.
Clare x

Yankee in England said...

Very most definetly interested. Let me know when you ready to order

Joy said...

Count me in too please you have my email but here it is again

I hope you don't live to regret this Steph xxx

Valerie said...

You're very brave to offer this steph! I'm certainly interested if you decide to go ahead. Will you wait til after the next release, or before then? I certainly want the text prints as they were out of stock on my last order. Email is:

Margaret C said...

Yes please - and thank you so much. this is a huge undertaking and greatly appreciated.
Margaret C

Linby said...

You are an angel for offering to do this - count me in. Just to let you know if it goes ahead I won't be online for a week from tomorrow.


Linby said...

my email addy is

Jo said...

A HUGE thanks for doing this, count me a definite.
Jo x

Vicki said...

Hi Steph, would love to be in on this, here's my email addy

Off to papertrey ink to see what I "need!"

Vicki x

Ann said...

Oh yes Steph - I hope you don't get snowed under with requests and there are a couple of stamp sets I would love! Please count me in and thank you a million times (do I exaggerate - I think not!)

Christine said...

Hi Steph would love to take part in this as am so in love with these papers & would like some ribbon too, just to stroke you understand wouldnt want to use it...LOL

my eamil addy is

Christine xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I'd love to place an order. I'll check what I want over the weekend and let you know.

Joyce across the Pond said...

I am delighted that you are offering to do this....absolutely delighted and I would like to take part, please.
Thanks so much!


Emma said...

Oooh Steph, I felt it, I feel it washing over me. I know it's coming, the lure, it's pulling me in. I don't think I can reist much longer, I might have to buy my first ever papertrey stamp set! eek - too exciting .

Please can you put my name down, but keep complete denial of it as I can't afford it but MUST have it ;D

I can wait until next though if there is too many people on this order. I can't even imagine how many people are going to take you up on your offer and how big a van your postman is going to need to deliver to you LOL

Shall I email you the deets closer to the time? let me know but honestly I have waited all my life for papertrey and so can wait a couple of months more.

Take care sweetie,

Emma x

Huguenot Girl said...

Hi Steph

Thanks for offering to do this. Count me in please. Nx

Aimes said...

Hey Steph! Well as you know I do love PTI and although I say every month that I won't order I always do! (Fingers crossed for Pure Poppy Buttons this month!)
I think Nicole should credit Kate & yourself with free PTI goodies for your promotional work!
Count me in if you can, though I totally understand if it's getting kinda too much (can you imagine the HUGE package you're gonna pick up?! LOL!)

Cath Chapman said...

Yes please.

Michelle Short said...

Hi Steph, hope you are well? I would be really interested in this too if possible, I have been put off recently with the shipping costs although there is quite a few things I would want so I understand if I couldn't, I would love to know more details, thanks Steph.

Michelle xx

AuroraDawn said...


Please can I join, will send my full list of 'needs' after we've seen all the new goodies for this month if thats okay?

BTW - You know are THE BESTEST don't you xxxxxxxx


AuroraDawn said...

Oops forgot to leave you my email although I think you already have it

Janette said...

Hi Steph,
Yes I would be it anything from the PTI site or are there any restrictions ??

Thanks for this
Janette x

Anonymous said...

Yes please Stephanie, I would love to be included in a combined order. Just looked at some stamps, but couldn't justify the shipping.

simplyfairies said...

Oh me please!!

simplyfairies said...

Ooopps email
Kim x

Yankee in England said...

I just edit about making the order on release date. That might be dangerous for my bank balance :)

Helen said...

Yes please, put my name down too. I think it's a great idea.
My email address:

Caryn said...

Hi Steph - would love it if you could add me to the list - need to get some more fizz!!

Caryn xxx

I'm up in the Lakes from Monday so should I email you my shopping list now?

PinksyDoodles said...

Hi Steph, you must be wondering what you have taken on. I just wanted to say that if there are too many of us I am happy to stand down, however, if you are ok with the numbers I'll stay in. I don't want this to be too much for you to take on.
I hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Clare x

GEMMA said...

I would really love to join in Steph, but no spare pennies at the moment! :( If you decide to run this again, hopefully I can take part then! Gem x

PinksyDoodles said...

Hi Steph, I've emailed you on
Hugs, Clare x

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join in if its not too late, ally

Anonymous said...

just spotted this list is closed, If you do this again, can I be added to the next list, thanks,

Huguenot Girl said...

Hi Steph

I've emailed you at apassionforpapertrey


Unknown said...

thank you thank you Steph for letting me in at the last minute! as i am a pti virgin im soo excited!i have emailed you my order!!
take care

sammi said...

Darn I missed out, oh well.

Craft is a Blessing said...

sorry I missed this opportunity!