Wednesday 29 September 2010

Featured Stamper Post!

***This Post is from our featured stamper, Margaret!***

So... what's the point ?

You take ink and a stamp. You (possibly/probably) cut up sheets of coloured paper just to stick them down in a different place or order. You have spent hundreds of pounds (gulp..) and hours of time. For what purpose ? Yep, 99% of the time you make something pretty, and it makes someone's day (especially if it's for no particular reason !) and that's a good enough purpose. But I bet you - just like me - have a stash of "no point other than I want to !" cards.

Ever feel guilty about those cards? Or the money/time? If you don't, good for you ! - but I do. Or I did, because they now have a purpose.

In April, my church had Tearfund Sunday. Tearfund is a Christian organisation who work to provide relief from poverty through the local churches. We watched a video that told the story of Stidia – go here and spend 5 minutes watching it – I was very moved. Briefly, Stidia lives in a rural village in Uganda, Africa. She is thirteen years old and every day she walks for two hours to collect water for her family. Every day, she is likely to be beaten – or worse – by gangs of boys. Her other big problem is that she is frequently late for school and misses lessons…. Seriously – this is one of her biggest worries after the constant threat of rape !

I came away from church feeling very frustrated because I couldn’t think how I could do something more practical. My time - like many, many of you - is very tied up between work and family. However, I have also been listening to Christian speaker called Joyce Meyer and I remembered a broadcast she had done where she talked to a woman who had raised $1000 for her charity by providing a spa day for her friends – she was a qualified masseuse and used her skills to raise funds. And a lightbulb went off. I make cards. I like making cards. People like my cards. I could sell some of my cards…

So now, my "no purpose other than to soothe my soul" cards are channeled into the Tearfund box where I sell them. And, as you've read this far, here's a wee bit of new eye-candy for the box.

* Images are from All Booked Up
* Ink is Versafine and Elzybells Sugar Candy (clear-embossed)
* I used a sketch from Get Sketchy ( by our very own PTI Melissa Bickford!)

(I hope I haven't offended anyone by mentioning my faith or rape. I expect that you all find the idea of a 13 yr old girl being raped daily as she gets water for her family far more offensive)

So, can I encourage you to take your stash of "no purpose" cards and set them free ???! For that "handmade" as opposed to "homemade" look, I pop mine into cellophane bags and seal them with a sticker I made up explaining where the money went - cellophane bags are very cheap at Craft Creations (I think it also means you can whack a bit more on the price - and, people, we're WORTH it !) There are LOADS of places that would accept your gorgeous creations (honestly, they're fabulous! I've seen 'em!!) - check your local charity shops, old folks homes etc. Or you can send them to me and I'll add them to my Tearfund box - just leave me a comment on my blog and I'll send you my address.

And on that note, I'll leave you. This is my final post as Featured Stamper - it's been a blast, and thank you for all your positive comments ! Thank you especially to Aimes and Kate for the experience and the opportunity - I'm so gonna miss those sneaky peeks at the challenges !!


Marisa said...

What a fabulous fund your church has! Our church actually has a sister church in Uganda that also runs 4 orphanages (about 150 kids). We raise money, do shoe drives, clothing drives etc. for them and many go on short term missions there to help out and come back touched in very deep ways. Bless you for being a part of helping them out!! Way to share what you stand for - don't ever make apologies for it! Made my day to hear your heart (((hugs)))

Inkyfingers said...

Thanks for your humour, thoughts and cards as featured stamper Margaret. Your final post has given me some food for thought. I have been sending surplus cards to my daughter's school, but I had been thinking about arranging a coffee evening or sale of some kind to support Water Aid or Harvest Aid. I think you've given me the push I needed to finally start doing something about it.
Hugs, Carol x

Joyce across the Pond said...

Great news that you can sell your cards for a very worthy cause.
God bless all your endeavours!
Joyce in Northern Ireland