Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Motto Of The Day

There have been many occasions when I have succumbed to something sweet before dinner, and why not? In fact, just for today - I insist upon it, go on, you know you want to lol....

Recipe: Stamps - Cupcake Collection / Paper - Polka Dot Parade / Card - Ripe Avocado, Lavender Moon & Plum Pudding / Inkpads - True Black, Lavender Moon & Plum Pudding / Vintage Buttons - Spring Moss / Ribbon - Classic Grosgrain Lavender Moon / Other - Martha Stewart Edge Punch & Spellbinder Nestabilities

I'm really enjoying this Month's PTI countdown and can't wait to see what's next!

Have a great day & thanks for stopping :)

Love Stephanie xxx


cardsandacuppa said...

Ure really not helping, I am trying to resist U know!!! rofl!!! Great card hun, will have to stick to this sort of cupcake so I can actually go onto the beach without being covered from head to toe :0) Hope you are well xx
Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

Vanessa said...

That is my motto! I`d rather leave out everything else, but never dessert! Love your card!


Joy said...

That cupcake is soo tempting and heres me on a WW diet! Card is delicious! xx

Emma said...

Your the sweetie Steph, so talented and always kind and generous with your comments. Slushy stuff out the way hee hee, it a gorgeous card :D

TinaGAle said...

I love your blog even though I'm not from the UK. I have a blog award for you! Visit me at

Tina Spohn said...

Hmmm, delicious... That´s the way I live life because it really is much to short to leave the best aside. *lol* Steph, your card is so good, i´d almost say yummy. I guess, I have to case (Is this the right word in English?) it, it´s perfect. :)

Hugs, Tina

Aimes said...

Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone - I often sneak a sweet treat in before meal ;o) It's a myth that it ruins your appetite LOL!
Scrummy card Steph - lovin' those cupcakes!

AuroraDawn said...

I agree, even on a WW diet (sugar free orange jelly with pineapple chunks YUM)

Beautiful card Stephanie, love the colour combo.


Milagros Aguirre said...

Oh my god! I found your blog!
I had already given up the search.


Marna said...

Lovely one!
Hugs, Marna :)

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