Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Drinks On Me!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather (dare I say it's a tad too hot? lol), anyway sunshine always puts me in the mood for cocktails....

Recipe: Stamps - A Day At The Beach / Card & Ink - Spring Moss, Ripe Avocado, Summer Sunrise & Lemon Tart / Ribbon - Swiss Dot Satin Ripe Avocado / Other - Cuttlebug Embossing Folder

Enjoy, but stay safe & slap on that lotion - sun burn is not a good look on anyone lol

Love Stephanie xxx


Unknown said...

Like your style Steph - probably where I have been going wrong in this heatwave - not been doing the cocktails!

Great card and now I need a long cool icy drink...

Thanks for sharing


Emma said...

Make mine a large one please Steph ;D
Gorgeous little number - just what we need on a hot day like today xx

Tina Spohn said...

Oh yes, I´d like to have a cocktail. It´s pretty hot, but I love it that way. Your card is very "tasty". :)

Hugs, Tina

Unknown said...

Ooh this is lovely I could just drink one of those right now!

Jan x

Aimes said...

Yup it's definitely too hot!
Make mine a Singapore Sling please!
Overheating grumpy teenageers armed with water bombs are making my job 100 times harder today!
Gorgeous colours you've used, can I be greedy and drink all three please?! LOL!

Sparkly Pink Star said...

Beautiful card, I just came across your blog, I really like it!

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