Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Quick Card

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, I'm feeling a little bit guilty about my obscene chocolate consumption (so worth it though lol)
Here's a card I whipped up while the children were having an afternoon nap, which is becoming quite infrequent these days :(
Recipe (all PTI unless otherwise stated): Stamps - Mother / Paper - Everyday Blessings / Card - Aqua Mist & Spring Moss / Ink - Ocean Tide & True Black / Ribbon - Topnotch Twill Tape Ocean Tide / Other - Spellbinder Nestabilities
I am so excited about tomorrow's PTI releases, looks like the credit card will be taking (another) battering lol
Have a great day & thanks for visiting :)
Love Steph xxx


Sarah B said...

Love the card Steph, Nice to see you back even for one creation. Can't wait for the new Timeless Templates, Hugs Sarah B X

Lilacanglia said...

lovely colours,

Tina Spohn said...

Beautiful card Steph! :)

Hugs Tina

Steph said...

Absolutely stunning colour combo! Love it. x

Debbie said...

Stunning colors and design Steph :D

Heather in FL said...

Beautiful! I think I just ordered those Nesties, and I have that set. Lovely color combination and great use of the stamps. I might have to "borrow" this one for one of my Mother's Day cards. I do want to know where the flowers came from? Did you make them, or were they bought?

花生豆花Alex said...

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