Monday, 6 April 2009

Challenge 4 Scallops

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a new challenge! Today it's all about scallops (no not the seafood kind!)

For this challenge we want to see some scallops on your cards - it could be a scallop edge from a punch, scalloped punches or nestabilities, scallops created by lining up circles etc.

Here's my sample:

Recipe: (All supplies PTI unless stated)

Stamps: With Sympathy/Fresh Alphabet
Ink: Dark Chocolate

Card: Dark Chocolate/Aqua Mist/Vintage Cream

Ribbon: Dark Chocolate

Other: Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder/corner rounder punch (SU)/scallop edge punch (SU)/brown button/embroidery floss

And Steph's:

Recipe (all PTI unless otherwise stated): Stamps - Butterfly Kisses & Spiral Bouquet / Ink & Card - Dark Chocolate & Vintage Cream / Paper - Chocolate Remix / Ribbon - Classic Grosgrain Dark Chocolate / Other - Spellbinder Nestabilities

And here's the prize:

A selection a papers from the Men of Life paper pack and co-ordinating cardstock and ribbon:

-12 sheets of 8 x 8 papers (one of each desgin)
-1 sheet each of Pure Poppy,Spring Rain and Spring Moss cardstock
-1 metre each of Pure Poppy, Spring Moss and Spring Rain ribbon

Your card has to have at least one PTI product on it to qualify. Worldwide entries are welcome but we're afraid we can only ship the prize within Europe.

To enter leave a link to your project in the comments section below. You have until 9am on Monday 20th April 2009 to submit your entries.

Thanks for visiting and good luck!!

Kate xx

1. Sarah-Jane's Entry
2. Steph's Entry
3. Jeannette's Entry
4. Dana's Entry
5. Emilia's Entry
6. Caryn's Entry
7. Vanessa's Entry
8.Tina's Entry
9. Curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses' Entry
10. Toni's Entry
11. Aimes' Entry


debbie said...

ooh i love scallops and would use them on every card going if i had the chance!! lol

Tina said...

Great challenge because I love scallops. Your cards are so beautiful.

Hugs Tina

Sarah-Jane said...

Hello Girls, Thanks to Steph and Jeannette I am entering this card into the Scalloped challenge. Thanks Girls !!
Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

Steph said...

Here's my card:

Jeannette said...

Fab cards Steph and Kate, I love doing your challenges, thank you. Here's Mine

Dana said...

I'm so happy I found this blog! Thanks, Steph and Kate, for doing this!! Here's my entry: Happy Easter!

Emilia said...

Here is my entry:

Caryn said...

This is another great challenge you guys and I am loving these papers so much. My entry is hereHugs,
Caryn xxx

Vannessa said...

Hi Kate and Steph,

Here's my little owl entry for this challenge:

Have to say none of the new sets appeal to me this time. Gives me more chance to stock up on some of the older ones though :D

Have fun, Vannessa

Tina said...

Does anybody like strawberries? Hehe... I do and so I made a card with scallops and a strawberry-thanks. I hope you´ll like it. Here is the Link to it:

Thanks for this fun challenge, Kate and Steph.

Hugs Tina

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

My card with scallops on is here:

Sorry, I don't know how to do the funny link in italics! Enjoyed this challenge-thank you.

Toni said...

okay girls heres mine

Aimes said...

Hey girls, I'm leavin' it to the last possible min I know but I hope you like it!


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